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Latest Updates

New Defects Procedure

Some residents have been having unsatisfactory results with defect remediation for their new apartment. We recently had a meeting with the Developer and have come with a plan for actioning this. In the first instance, stick with the procedure you were given – go directly to the contact you’ve been provided and follow it upContinue reading “New Defects Procedure”

Door Issues – August Update from the Developer

Most apartments have had on-going issues with the front door. We have requested an update from the developer. The Body Corporate Committee has received the following response from them: We have meet with the door supplier during the week. They believe they have a viable solution for the apartments external doors. however they want thisContinue reading “Door Issues – August Update from the Developer”

Fire Evacuation Instructions

Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with fire evacuation instructions as below, in the event they are needed. We recommend placing this on the back of the front door to your apartment to ensure all residents have access to the instructions, including tenants.


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